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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first profit using what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate

So I have been working really hard the last couple of days following and learning on Wealthy Affiliate. Yesterday when the husband came home form work I took a break. Now you need to understand being unemployed I have been treating this Affiliate Marketing thing as a full time job. So I have been on the computer allot. My family being my biggest skeptics. Every day since I started they come home and say "have you made any money yet?" I have been working with 4 different affiliate programs that I am promoting.

So Guess what ..... Yesterday afternoon after my break with the hubby I checked my accounts and CHA-CHING my first profit!!! WOW what an awesome thing as I showed the family one by one the screen online that says how much I made for the different affiliate programs their eyes popped and their mouths dropped and then they said " OH MY GOSH YOU REALLY DID IT!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!THAT IS SO COOL!!!:)

I have received some email with the question What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a program that will Show you......
* How You will learn EXACTLY how to earn a steady income online, and we'll show you (step-by-step) how this is done
* You get the EXACT training that our members who earn $1000+ per day received (and still utilize)
* You are provided with learning resources to walk you through all of our HOT marketing techniques
* We provide you with tools to uncover niche keywords, audiences, and sales angles that sell like crazy
* You will be working along side literally thousands of marketers who are willing to share their secrets with you
* We will hold your hand and teach you how to get started (YES, we offer personal support and coaching)
* You'll learn that you DO NOT need money to make money, our free techniques will earn you $1000's per month

I must tell you if you are looking to get rich over night-sit on you butt and just wait for the money to start rolling in- or you want a lazy way out THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!! It takes work to set it up REALLY

If you are looking for something to Teach you HOW TO EARN EXTRA INCOME ONLINE with a little bit a work and determination but don't have allot of money to spend? Then for the 39$ it costs to sign up YOU NEED TO JUST DO IT!!!! All the tools and resources you need are right here.

I have been looking for months for extra income online and I have been playing around for months with this and that I have seen e-books, programs, promos so I have tried this and that and nothing! I read about Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago and then just a couple of days ago I found a blog in this blog there was a post from a guy named Alex. (Alex has been very helpful and I really need to give him kudos for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate.) I followed him back to his site and read more about Wealthy Affiliate I still did not sign up.... And then after thinking about it a Bit I thought, nothing I have been doing is working and my family is starting to think I am crazy and I need to get a real job. So I just did it what do I have to lose 39$ bucks? I can quit after one month and lose 39$ I decided it was worth the gamble in my opinion any time you spend money online to make extra money online that is exactly what it is a gamble.

I have followed exactly what Wealthy affiliate has taught me. I am signed up with 4 different affiliate programs that Wealthy Affiliate recommended and 4 days later I have for the first time actually MADE EXTRA MONEY ONLINE. And I am only in week 1 of the 8 week course! Show me the MONEY!

So the nuts and bolts of it all if you have 39$ to spare and you are eager to learn and the determination to be successful making extra money online. It will be a VERY WELL INVESTED 39$ Click the BE SOMEONE BUTTON AT THE TOP THE PAGE AND JUST DO IT!!
"Can you earn extra income online?"

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