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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make money online scams

Money Making scams ok I don't like to be a negative person but I have to post about some of the programs I have been checking out today. I kinda feel bad because I actually have not tried these programs but I just have this very strong urge to bash them! So the first one Morecash123 So this site shows you piles of money And it offers 1000$,s of dollars up to 31,000. a day!!!! pretty nice, very impressive don,t ya think. You get this cash in the mail daily doing NOTHING just open the envelope and there would be cash! Everyday people just mailing you cash. So it asks for an email address and a name. Out of morbid curiosity I just had to do it. Wowzy!!! You only have to sign up and invest 500$ up to 3000$ honestly this whole website and pitch was soooo crazy I had to show my fam and laugh. Maybe it works I don't know honestly because I could not quit laughing long enough to take it seriously.

The next one I cant even remember the name of it and I tried to find it again and couldn't but when I do I will list it here again. this kinda of scam I have seen over and over again first it shows you all of the hype how to make money online promising thousands of dollars a month all the success stories of real people and it is totally free to join. It stresses it is totally free to join over and over again. A real money making opportunity that is 100% free. I love checking out new free stuff what the heck right? Honestly I have wasted so much time reading about this and that only to find out, um no it is not Free. At the Free level you can not earn income. I found this one on someones profile they pushed it because it was free. That makes me sooo angry If there is a cost you should let people know period.

OK I am done for now I think I am going to start a list of all the programs that are all hype about being free and then slam you after you have spent valuable time reading it only to find you have to pay a fee. I have programs on here that have a fee but I will tell you it has a fee. Miss representation is a cheap trick.

The programs and posts I love are the copy and paste programs. You know who ever is posting them are just praying some sucker will come along and click on them no effort what so ever just copy and paste. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is big money maker almost every single get rich program or money making program, mlm out there is making money for somebody. The deal is some work some do not! Not all affiliate marketing programs are scams by no stretch of the imagination but you do have to do your due diligence. Some are 100% scams. I am signed up with 6 different affiliate programs or pay per click programs. I only promote what I believe in and what I am a member of and programs that actually work for me. If I cant provide actually testimony on the products I wont promote it. I have access to allot of money making programs I can promote and some of the programs pay very very well that's why people promote them! I love it when someone emails me about an affiliate program I always email them back and ask them how it is working for them if I don't get an email back I know, that well huh? Most are set up on auto responder so you never get a response from a real person. I am not saying these are all scams I personally have signed up for some great programs that are affiliate programs I am just saying be careful out there! Now the advertisements in my pay per clicks that are on my site I know nothing about them but you are invited to check them out and let me know what you think!!!

Sorry for my little rant. But in today's economy who isn't looking for a way to get rich over night? But to do it at the expense of others with misrepresentation, over promising and under delivering and giving false hope and false promises and taking peoples money on a pipe dream makes me angry.

I have been getting a few comments if anyone out there would like to leave me a comment about a program that is working for them or one that has scammed them please let us all know.


  1. Hi

    Would you believe a program called owes me $5800 since last June? It is a PTC. I don't think I'll see my money. I lost $1500 on that one. Lesson learned. I'll stick to blogging jokes.

  2. I am receiving lots of such mails but deleting immediately. Lots of people lost money with such mails.


  3. Check out bankersprofits. He even says on his web page that he rips off the big companies of their money. I was curious so I had a look for free. LOL, it's rulette scam system! Many of those on the net but this one stood out to me.

  4. I love to hear about scams it makes it easier for all of us, saves us time but some are just too funny you just have to check them out to get a good laugh.

  5. Check this one out. Another scam

  6. Thanks for giving everyone the heads up!


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