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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Biggest Loser message

One of my favorite shows is The Biggest Loser. Now how does this relate to making extra Believe it or not I believe it does! I have been watching the biggest loser since it started my family makes fun of me because I don't even weigh 100lbs soaking wet :)So why I do I watch it, I don't watch it because I need to lose weight or I need motivation to lose weight. I watch it because the message this show sends Is absolutely inspiring ! Truly why are these people on this show? To lose weight of course right. All of them have tried it on their own and have been unsuccessful. Maybe for the prize money? Well what ever their genuine reason is how are they going to accomplish what they have set forth to do?

Their tool box: They have to have the right tools. What is in their tool box? The gym and their trainers and their doctors. The gym gives them the equipment they need to get their butts off the sofa and on the treadmill, their trainers, without the trainers they do not know how to effectively use the gym.The doctors help them do it the healthy way and the benefits it will give them. If you have tools in your tool belt but you don't know how to use them correctly what good are they?

Attitude: Well first off they have to have the right attitude to start. Without determination, ambition and personal drive they will fail very quickly. With anything in life if you do not have a good attitude you will not get far. If you think you will fail you will. If you think it cant be done it wont be. If you think your not good enough you will be. It is all in attitude. With the right attitude you can do any thing.

Support: Who is their support.If you want to Accomplishing something you have tried to do many times and continue failing. You have to have a good support system. Support and encouragement from your your support system is key. It is what will help give you that I CAN DO IT ATTITUDE! It gets tough sometimes and even if you have the right attitude to start you may start to fade and need to be re energized and the best way to that is with the support and encouragement of your support system.

The Product: What is their product? Themselves technically they are selling themselves to themselves are they worth it? They have to sell to themselves that they are worth it worth the work, worth the sweat and worth pain.That they can accomplish their Dreams of being healthy and thin and full of energy. That they themselves are worth being what they want to be and what they dream of.

I you do not have the Support the right tools, the right attitude and the right product you will ultimately fail.You have to have all of it and I have found every thing you need to be successful making extra income online in one place Wealthy Affiliate. Need some inspiration? Read and watch other people become successful and then do something for yourself. Have a GREAT weekend.

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