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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review :Make money while you sleep

What I have found very interesting in my search of can you earn extra income online is how many opportunities are out there. I guess because the state of the economy everyone is looking to earn extra income online. Most of what you find will promise Great success and will make you rich over night. One I found claimed to be totally FREE 22 streams of income! So when you sign up it is free and then you get into it a little further..... Well to qualify for like 6 streams of income you have to sign up for this or that its only 10$ a month but if you don't do it you miss out on the best of the streams of income. Anybody that I have seen signed up with this program is a copy and paste same thing over and over Starts like this .
"I use The ------Web Marketing System to expand my network because it works wider, faster, and more effectively than any other system.
As I’m sure you have, I quickly discovered that finding leads is difficult. Finding interested leads can sometimes seem just about impossible."
Only the persons name has changed I joined it long ago and honestly did not make a single 1$ now maybe there are people who are making money at it I don't know I personally thought it was a complete waste of time. But this I can be sure of at 10$ a whack somebody somewhere is making allot of money!
Th e reason I am writing about this is because there are allot of programs out there that you sign up for that claim to be free and make you money,with all the hype they sound promising, but somewhere down the line will cost you money or will not generate any extra income online at all.So basically it is a complete waste of your time. I email one person here a few days about it and asked them how they were doing with it they auto responded and said it works if you sign up 3900 people under you, and make 1$ a person that is 3900$ a month. So I told them that is GREAT do you have 3900 people under you? No response. In my opinion this kind of making extra income online is very difficult the only person making money are the people above you. You are basically building your down line to make other people money.

If I put a review on here that something is FREE it will be Free there are ways to make extra income online some are kinda easy some like anything else require you to put some effort into them.
What makes my Can you make extra income online unique? There are so many money online websites out there. I know from personal experience who doesn't want to make money while they sleep? Or be rich over night!In this economy I think many people want to believe it can happen and or are desperate for it to happen it is very easy to get sucked in and spend a little here and a little there. You have to take risks to be successful right? I will have to say yes and no. If you spend money spend it wisely. There are free ways you can earn extra income online and while you sleep. But you cannot just sign up for a program and then the next morning be rich. If you know of one please let me all of us know. I will only post honest reviews of what I have actually tried if there is something that you have tried and it honestly works leave me a comment I will check it out.


  1. Ok you've peeked my interest and completley detered me away from my some what dark thoughts...way to go with the money train.

    Meagan Star

  2. It's really amazing how many opportunities there are to make money by simply using the Internet and a computer.

  3. Nice title good article. Appreciated


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