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Friday, March 27, 2009

Project Payday Review Does it Really work?

Project Payday Just enter your email to get more free no obligation information

If you surf the web at all, and especially if you have searched for ways to make money online I am sure you have come across a banner similar to the one above or just like it.

I joined project payday several months ago. I researched it a little bit and found some good articles about it and it was free so I decided to try it. I have briefly wrote about it in earlier posts. But I am going to give you more detail about it here.

The program is free to join technically once you actually sign up it will ask you to complete one of the sponsors offers you want to make sure you pick one that says confirms instantly that way you can start making money right away. Basically it is a free trial of one sort or another I did the block Blockbuster one. I canceled it in like two weeks. So you do have to have a credit card to confirm your Free trial you may be billed a couple of dollars for processing or something (some do some don't). When I did the Block Buster one I think I got billed like $1.99 Once you have signed up for your free trial you are in. It is that easy.

If you are not comfortable signing up for free offers like this. This program is not for you. Because that is basically all you do. Why? Because the people sponsoring these promos pay big money and give out very big prizes for X amount of sign ups. Have you ever seen those adds or emails that say sign up 10 people for this credit card and we will pay you 500$ well they really do! So that is what this site does.

Now the people who you are signing up under to complete 1 offer are the ones paying you and the ones making the big money. If they need 10 people to sign up to make 500$ and they pay 10 people 15$ to sign up you make 15$ they make 500$ Following me? I would not recommend starting off at that level until you fully understand the program It would be hard to jump right into and because they pay within 24 hours you have to have the money to pay your people.
I cant remember what the first promo was that I got paid on but total time with it once I figured out how to do it was maybe 20 min time (because when you are new you are slow) They always give you a baby to start and after you have done a few there are some that pay very well for 20 min of time! But my first trade was 15$ and like I said I checked my paypal account and 24 hours it was there.

I did a couple of the sign ups and canceled the ones I did not want within the time period required before being billed the ones I did I got paid within 24 hours, the money was in my paypal account! So it really does work I was actually really surprised. I was very hesitant to sign up with my credit card information. But I have never had any issues with this program at all.

Like I have said before the only reason why I did not keep doing it, is I am way to disorganized to keep track of it. Imagine that six kids a husband and a dog and I am disorganized:). If you keep good records I am telling you there are people making good money on here. The add says 4000$ a month possible. I would say that actually could be done you would be very busy but it could be done. What I like is if you need to make 20$-200$ in a week this one is probably the quickest easiest way I have found to make extra income online.

It looks like since I joined they have improved it and it gives a better explanation
of how it works.
If you work with a mentor you really do have the potential to make 500$- 1000$ extra income online easily with a couple of hours of work a week. More if you put more time into.

The pros pays quick and its very very easy. Cons requires a credit card and you have to be organized.
You will need a paypal account it is also Free you can also get a Donate button here as well. To sign up for pay pal just hit the button bellow paypal for business when you get to the main page just hit personal at the top left.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


  1. Believe me project payday is a very nice program and it really works.


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