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Review: Something new.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review: Something new!!

Inside scoop this is a pre-launch. I came across this today There is a number to call to get more information and a website to view. I found it very interesting. Email me for more information if it is something you would like more information about it is invitation only right now. Launches first week of April. This one I think is cool and worth trying.I cant really write a review because it has not launched yet. But all the information I have received is pretty exciting. I will keep you posted! Let me know if you want to give it a whirl no guarantees on this one could be Outstanding or over rated. But I thought it was worth a try. You know if I did not think it was worthy I would not post it on here :).
Email me and I will email you the phone number and website. Ever wish you could get in on something before it explodes? This may be it, you just never know sometimes.........

Social Networking time to get paid
This is the short version just the basics and start up costs.

Would you like to earn income every time someone just looks at your website even if they did not buy any of your products or join your business opportunity?
Experts are telling us that this will be bigger than Myspace, Facebook and Youtube!

3 x 10 Matrix.
Fast Start Bonus.
Monthly Residual Income.
Social networking time to get paid
Company Profit Sharing Pool.
Page View Revenue Sharing Pool.
Matching Bonus on page views 5 levels deep.
Matching Bonus on company profit sharing pools 5 levels deep.
3 additional pools Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Very Affordable - 3 levels to get started FREE member, paid member $19.99 & pro member $59.99.

Get Paid on the new Gigantic Social Networking Portal - MMT!!
IMAGINE a Portal like MySpace or Facebook where you can promote Your Opportunity with 40 pages instead of ONE

When people visit your pages in MMT - You´ll get Paid!
Every time you chat with others You´ll get Paid!
Send a message to another person and You´ll get Paid!
Play music from a database of 250,000 songs and You´ll get Paid!
Create a free email address and Get Paid each time you send
or receive emails!
Play free GAMES and Get Paid!
Create a blog and Get Paid!
Write a few words on a BLOG and Get Paid!
Every time visitors watch a video on one of your 40 pages
You´ll get Paid!
.... also when you add videos on YouTube and other channels
You'll Get Paid!
Each time visitors are listening to music on your page You´ll get Paid!
If you're a musician you can add songs on your page and You'll Get Paid
each time visitors listen to your songs.
There are MANY, MANY other ways to GET PAID and have FUN!

I got some really good advice from someone this morning about not jeopardizing my credibility because this new program, because it is new it can fail. So I want to make this crystal clear. This is a program that is new. I am not endorsing it. Like I have posted on here before any time you spend money online to make money you are gambling, nothing you spend money online with is a sure thing I do guarantee you that.


  1. I like the idea. very nice post.


  2. I have been looking at that new social nework but havent seen a team I would want to join yet. it looks good but I like a system to drive traffic. let me know about your team approach.


  3. Are you talking about My Music Ticket?
    email me if you have any questions
    I will be glad to help.
    I have good team support this far
    Here is some more information for you
    A message from Ann to all members of My Music Ticket

    The Excitement is building as we wait for the Sunday MMT call at 6:00 PM PST~9:00 PM EST
    The launch date will be announced plus many other important announcements!

    Be there 10 minutes early or you may not be able to access the call

    Dial: (712) 432-1000 Access Pin: 517 104 220#
    OR: (712) 432-1001 Access Pin: 474 917 942#
    These calls fill up very fast! Just so you know.


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