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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Traffic and make money online the best of the best.

Can you earn extra income online.In this post I am going to recap what I consider to be the best ways to increase your traffic and make money online that I found and why.
I would like to first start with BlogCatalog Is one of the largest forums I have found online. If you interact with people and you visit other peoples blogs,leave comments and join groups leaving invitations to your blog it is one of the easiest ways to increase your traffic. If you choose your title correctly you can get your blog on google. My title is "Can you earn extra income online." If you google" Can you earn extra income online" on the first page at the very top you will find

Can you earn extra income online Blog - Information, Comments ...
Earn extra income online reviews products I have personally tried and work and programs i tried that I think are scams W… -

So pick a title the is relevant to your blog and you will get traffic from google as well.This is where Wealthy Affiliates key word research tools comes in very handy. Let me make it perfectly clear if you are not active and do not visit other peoples blogs and don't invite people to visit yours you will receive very little traffic you have to work it.

Blog Directory & Search engine

Bloghub is another one of my favorites it again will put you on google same as above you need to be active in the forum to generate interest in your blog and get traffic.

My favorite affiliate program is Maxbounty
Webmasters - EARN CASH
I like the fact you pick what product you want to promote. It is very quick and easy just copy and paste.Per click and per sale is more money then adsense. Approval is quick and easy. Is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blogs and make money too. If you write relevant and interesting Hubs and leave links back to your website you will increase your traffic. when you sign up you will get links to sign up for Ebay,adsense,Amazon and other affiliate programs and you can sign up for free. This is another way to get a link back to your website that will be on google.

Project Payday is one of my favorites because it bar far is the quickest easiest and free way to make money online. You can literally make fast cash online

Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Rich
We will Teach you how to Make Yourself Rich.

Wealthy Affiliate just like the banner says it will TEACH you how to become rich, ok maybe not rich..maybe some day but it will give you the tools and the resources and teach you how to make money online this is not an MLM that shows you how to sell just their product it shows you how to sell any product online. Marketing, niche, keyword search on and on and on it is a valuable research and learning tool.

So these are just my most favorite tools all the tools and programs I post about work but these in my opinion are the quickest easiest and most effective. So if you need some place to start these are the ones I would start with and then join the others.Good Luck


  1. Hi,
    Sorry I haven't been over here more. It looks like BlogCatalog is going to be a good one if I ever get time to really get into it.
    Even though it isn't blog related I would like to hear your take on online surveys. I do them and make enough to pay for most of my purchases. Any thoughts?

  2. I did the survey thing a while back and I get paid surveys emailed to me almost everyday they all seem to pay just a couple of dollars here and there the ones I keep getting are from survey spot. There is another company that I get emails from as well and they pay 50$-150$ for a survey but you have to fill out a short survey see if you qualify for them and then take the survey and get paid I have not qualified for any of them yet. They have been mostly medically related (like have you ever taken Prozac or other med's ?) What program did you sign up for? there are so many to choose from I am sure some are better then others. Good to hear from you! If you work blog catalog it is a good one!

  3. I like Lightspeed, Synovate and one or two others. I usually make a few hundred a year, not much but like I said it pays for my toys on Amazon. And I don't spend a lot of time doing it, maybe an hour or two in a two weeks period. In the summer months even less time than that. If I actually worked at it could probaly do better but I can't sit still that long.

  4. I agree blog catalog is an excellent resource. I haven't used hubpages or squidoo yet. They are on my hit list ;) There are just so many hours in a day. Linkreferral generates decent traffic, as well.

  5. Good post, hubpages is a very good site to get backlinks and traffic to your blog, unfortunately not many blogger know about it and use it to get traffic to their blog.


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