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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making money online whats the scoop?

Unemployed and looking making money online, increasing your traffic all things every blogger wants to know. So today I am going to give you a few examples of the affiliates I am signed up with.

This is an affiliate link when you click this add I get paid .15 cents if you enter your information I get .80 cents. So please feel free to click and check it out. Now affiliate programs for the most part pay per click .01 and up and pay for sign ups .80 and up some affiliates that you sponsor pay $10 $20 $50 and up depending on what you are selling. The above link is maxbounty there are many many affiliate programs out there max bounty is one of my favs cause there is so much to choose from Affiliate Webmasters... Join and earn the highest CPAs in the market. Our specialty is maximizing payouts to our affiliates.

Click here for details

The key to successful affiliate marketing is traffic the more traffic you have to your website the more likely you will get clicks on your adds. Or you can do what some do and resort to begging people to click on your adds. If you do not want to beg and you want to increase traffic join as many forums as you can and post allot, visit other blogs leave comments join as a follower leave your link do what ever you can to redirect traffic back to your site. The more active you are the better traffic you are going to get read my other posts on places to join to increase your traffic. This blog is just over a month old and I am averaging any where between 50-150 hits a day right now. I am only receiving about 5-10 clicks a day so traffic is key I or you will not make much money on 5-10 clicks a day. you have to be patient when it comes to traffic it does not happen over night. But if you work at it everyday you should see a slight increase in your traffic and clicks.

Write article and create back links to your site! is one of my Favs. You can generate traffic to your site you can make money with your articles and you can learn lots of great things from other Hubs.

I have also posted some tools on here to monitor your traffic they are not affiliate programs they are free to join and they are very resourceful sitemeter located at the very bottom of this page is one of my Favs it lets me know where my traffic is coming from so I know what is working.

Besides searching other money making sites and the internet for other ideas Wealthy Affiliate has been my main source of information it is also an Affiliate program if you sign up with my link I will get paid.I Endorse the product because it works for me. And it has help me tremendously.
Other affiliate sites I have not tried
Maverick Money Makers!
Infinite Income Plan!
The Mini Site Formula ::: $3,000/day Proven Cash System That Works!
Real Money Doubling Forex Robot Fap Turbo!
Get Google Ads Free!!
Infinite Income Plan - Instant Wealth Guide & CDs.!

This is just a very very short list of money maker affiliate programs out there like I said I have not tried any of these I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and it has not made me rich but it has given me tools resources and knowledge that would have taken me months and months to figure out.

As I have posted before. Do not spend any money on any online program unless you have the time and the dedication to commit to it being successful if you are serous about making money online then I would recommend finding a program that is going to give you the tools, the resources and the knowledge to make you successful.

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