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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Free Home based Income Opportunity This one is a no brainer A MUST DO!

Sorry USA residents only.This brand new totally free I just joined. I honestly have no projections on this but wanted to share the information here because it was 100% Free.
Update: I have read more into the compensation program and the future growth of this company and I have to say it is one of the very best that I have seen the program is so simple and so easy to implement and work it really is a no brainer. If you are just starting to make money online this is a program I will strongly recommend it is 100% FREE to join no up sell no free trial just a great program it officially launches May 1st I contacted the 3rd person down and that is who I signed under so if you sign up you are very high up that upline.
I have vetted this
opportunity for entrepreneurial folks with elementary computer skills
to make money. It works since they never spend any money, just an
investment of time. What holes can you punch in this MLM?

• TOTALLY FREE - no financial investment
• No cost to join
• No monthly inventory to purchase
• No minimum or maximum participation
• No required training, meetings or conventions to attend. There are
training programs for those who wish to grow their business.
• No Gimmicks

How is this possible? Family and Friends Financial has an agreement
with Discover Financial Services to market its credit cards. Discover
Financial Services compensates Family and Friends Financial for every
qualifying credit card approval. Family and Friends Financial, in
turn, compensates its Distributors for all qualifying credit card
approvals. For example; 3 approvals in a month and $197 + $4 - $6
override from the downline is yours. Friends and family that might not
qualify for a credit card can still become a representative on your
unlimited front line, bring in others and earn commissions.

Spend a couple of minutes and visit the attachment or Once you ENROLL FOR FREE, you must take a 12
question multiple choice quiz to prove a basic understanding of the
program and with 9 correct answers you will be issued a Distributor
number and be eligible to earn commissions.

Select a user name, password and your personal web site will be
automatically created.

This is a "no-brainer" since you do not spend a dime and can be
creative with your direct sales program via computer and phone calls
with your organization.

As of today there are ~ 900 representatives and the formal launch is
not planned until May 1.
Family and Friends Free to Join

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