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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making Money online Honesty and Integrity

Making Money online Honesty and Integrity

How to make money online. I just want to write a quick post about Honesty and Integrity and making money online. I belong to several Business networking and social networking site and the one thing I have found is everybody's money making product is the best product. Why do you think that is?
1. Because they have invested their time and money in it and they want to at least make there money back
2. Because of the desperation of people in this economy people will do just about anything to make a buck.
3. Because the more people they sign -up the more money they will make soooo the more the better.
4. Because their program really works.
Have you taken the time to research how many people are actually successful making money online? I think it is like 9% of the people who try are actually successful most people will sign up for a bogus program plug it for a while fail. Then they will spend more money on another program fail and keep going until ultimately they give up. Statistics show to make money online it will take you at least 6-9 months period. The more TIME you invest in building your online business the higher your chances are of success it is not necessarily the product or the promo it is the time and effort and the resources and tools you are using to build your business that will determine your online success. That my Friends is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I can guarantee you the programs that I promote on here will not make you rich over night. I can also guarantee you that they do work if you put the time and effort into them. You can NOT join any program and expect it to grow and make you money while you do absolutely nothing. There is a lot of work into making money online if anyone tells you it is easy or it happens over night RUN. The only program I have found that actually payed over night was projectpayday read about it in my other posts.

If I had one thing to recommend to you it would be find one, two or three programs at the most that you believe in find the best ways, best places to promote them find your targeted audience and commit to making it successful if you believe in a product be passionate about it. Dont just promote something to promote it. You can be successful doing that but do you really want to be like all the other scammers?

The programs I promote on this web site are products and promos I have personally tried I have posted them because
1. They work
2. They are Free or low cost
3. They are user Friendly (easy)
4. No hidden Fees or upgrading required
5. I signed up for them so I know from beginning to end how they work
6. They offer one on one support and or personal on the phone,training, conference calls or personal emails.
There are a lot of programs I don't post about that I have tried ( I would need a whole new blog to post about the bogus programs I have tried :) ) I just try and keep things positive I sign up for 2-4 programs a day ranging from generating traffic to making money to improving page rank. If I post about it, its a good one!
How many money making blogs offer their personal email addresses?


  1. Hi, great post. I am new to internet marketing and blogging and it is clear to see that it is not an overnight thing and you need to put in several hours work. Not sure how I am going to get on but I am positive, have a few ideas.
    Regards SJF (sjames)


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