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Something new Vinefire
A Free Home Based Income Opportunity
What makes more Money Adsense or Maxbounty?
Making money online Whats the scoop?
Making Money online Reviews
More Traffic and Make Money Online the Best of the Best
Project Payday Review Does it Really Work?
Need more Traffic?Make money Online too!
Review: Something new.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to make money online

I have just published a new website How to make money online. So basically I have evolved from Can you make money online to How to make money online I hope you find the resources on both of these websites useful. I am very please with the programs I have been promoting and have had great success with them I hope you will continue to visit this website and my new website I will be updating both regularly. Thank you for your support. And as always please feel free to email me or leave comments if I can help you in anyway.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making Money online Honesty and Integrity

Making Money online Honesty and Integrity

How to make money online. I just want to write a quick post about Honesty and Integrity and making money online. I belong to several Business networking and social networking site and the one thing I have found is everybody's money making product is the best product. Why do you think that is?
1. Because they have invested their time and money in it and they want to at least make there money back
2. Because of the desperation of people in this economy people will do just about anything to make a buck.
3. Because the more people they sign -up the more money they will make soooo the more the better.
4. Because their program really works.
Have you taken the time to research how many people are actually successful making money online? I think it is like 9% of the people who try are actually successful most people will sign up for a bogus program plug it for a while fail. Then they will spend more money on another program fail and keep going until ultimately they give up. Statistics show to make money online it will take you at least 6-9 months period. The more TIME you invest in building your online business the higher your chances are of success it is not necessarily the product or the promo it is the time and effort and the resources and tools you are using to build your business that will determine your online success. That my Friends is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I can guarantee you the programs that I promote on here will not make you rich over night. I can also guarantee you that they do work if you put the time and effort into them. You can NOT join any program and expect it to grow and make you money while you do absolutely nothing. There is a lot of work into making money online if anyone tells you it is easy or it happens over night RUN. The only program I have found that actually payed over night was projectpayday read about it in my other posts.

If I had one thing to recommend to you it would be find one, two or three programs at the most that you believe in find the best ways, best places to promote them find your targeted audience and commit to making it successful if you believe in a product be passionate about it. Dont just promote something to promote it. You can be successful doing that but do you really want to be like all the other scammers?

The programs I promote on this web site are products and promos I have personally tried I have posted them because
1. They work
2. They are Free or low cost
3. They are user Friendly (easy)
4. No hidden Fees or upgrading required
5. I signed up for them so I know from beginning to end how they work
6. They offer one on one support and or personal on the phone,training, conference calls or personal emails.
There are a lot of programs I don't post about that I have tried ( I would need a whole new blog to post about the bogus programs I have tried :) ) I just try and keep things positive I sign up for 2-4 programs a day ranging from generating traffic to making money to improving page rank. If I post about it, its a good one!
How many money making blogs offer their personal email addresses?

My Music Ticket Has launched

You can check it out for Free to be enrolled in the money making part it is invitation only so if you are interested in the money aspect of this social networking site you will need to email me
- no enroller's link needed today
- no payment information needed
- this is to register for the social
site and get familiar with what is
going on will LAUNCH at 9PM EST today. And it is fantastic !!

There are 2 Phases:

1/ We all NEED to join as Social Networkers first today and invite all our friends (excellent!)
2/ In 2-3 days time all we NETWORKERS who are plotted into the system will get our links will be able to introduce those Leaders as already have joined our TEAMS - and they can again Invite others etc. etc. as it is in network marketing.

Click here to register
So there will be no links shared today and no sponsoring at all. Everybody can get in on the social network and start uploading pictures, videos and do whatever they are used to do on a social networking portal.
A very important info was shared on the call:

There are two sides to My Music Ticket, there is the Social Network which everybody can join without having a link or anything, they just go to and sign up. If they then decide to start making money, they can be invited into the Network Marketing part of it (called MMTplus, which is on another website.

But this goes by invitation only from the people that originally showed the concept to you. This takes a bit of integrity and honesty from everybody and MMT has a strict policy on cross-sponsoring. They simply don't accept it, and neither do we on the MMT VIKING TEAM where honesty and integrity is over everything else.

All leaders will be given their links for the Network Marketing side of MMT on Tuesday or Wednesday, so that is the time where you can expect to receive an e-mail with a sign-up link for the Network Marketing side of MMT.

Nobody can join the Network Marketing side of MMT without being a part of the Social Network, because that is the engine of the complete company and what is going to drive our income. So the more we use the Social Network and promote the Social Network, the more we tune and fuel the engine to drive more and more revenue towards us, networkers. But we all have to realize, that we have to drive traffic and use the Social Networking side of the system in order to make this thing happen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I want to make money online!

Can you make money online? I want to make money online. This are both statements I have seen allot. The answer to the question can you make money online is yes. So with that answer comes more questions. First how do you want to make money online? If your new your answer is probably going to be I don't know, I just do.

So this post is dedicated to those of you who just want to make money online but really do not have a clue how when or where. First off you can make money doing the following things

You can make money blogging
Make money writing articles
Make money from your blog
Make money with an affiliate program
Make money doing surveys
Make money selling items yours or others
Make money with adsense
Make money entering contests
Make money being a network marketer.
and the list goes on and on......

So before you do anything you need to decide which direction you would like to go.
Because they all can be very profitable but non of them will happen over night. With the exception of Project Payday nothing happens over night.
You have to do your home work and you have to commit the time and the work into any program to make money online. Once you make the decision which direction you want to go the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

You can start right here on this website to investigate different programs that are out there on this website I have links for
Affiliate marketing
making money with adsense
making money writing articles
making money blogging
generating more traffic (you have to have traffic to make money online)
there is a little bit of everything on this website all products that I have personally tried so you know they will actually work and you will know if there is any fees for the programs right up front. Good luck. If you need any help or questions please do not hesitate to leave me a comment just FYI if your comment is boggled down with links I will more then likely not publish your comment a link to your blog is fine but I have received comments with 5-10 links and will not publish them.

If you have not figured it out traffic is King if you need more traffic try this link it really does work you visit other peoples blogs and they visit yours it is quick easy and it is FREE

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MY Music Ticket to Launch on the 26th

My Music Ticket is predicted to be the biggest launch in internet history!
A new money making Opportunity

This is building up even bigger than the experts had anticipated and so extra work was needed to prepare for what is shaping up to be the biggest launch of all time. Not one of us has ever experienced anything on this scale - there's never been anything of this magnitude before in this industry. This event will be the first of its kind.

Here is the scoop. If you are interested in signing up at any level you can email me at And I will forward the link and web pages to you. Or if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
There is a Free level as well you earn points on the free level.

If you enter at the $19.99-level, you get up to 20 pages to
advertise your own companies and opportunities on.
You get a personal storefront where you can sell up to
100 items of your own and the page is e-commerce ready,
which means that you can have customers pay you directly
by PayPal.
You also get the MMT-storefront, where MMT-products will
be sold and every time a MMT-product is sold, you get a

If you however enter at the $59.99-level, you get up to 50
pages to advertise your other opportunities on.
You get unlimited storefront to sell your own products and
you get the MMT-storefront as well. And the sweet thing here
is, that you will earn a commission every time a customer buys
something from the MMT-storefront at your site. But you also
get a 20% matching commission every time a customer buys
something from a storefront from someone in your team 5 levels
So do you still have to think about whether you want to get in
at $19.99 or $59.99. I don't! Take advantage of getting in on this new money making opportunity.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

inLife something new

So here is a review of a new product. This is A program that you can join and sell online or out in the real world. this is the product.

inLife are alternative smoking devices that simulate the sensation of smoking without exposing the user to harmful levels of cancer causing agents and other dangerous chemicals normally associated with traditional tobacco products.

The simulated smoke produced is actually a vapor that looks like, tastes, feels and reacts much like tobacco smoke. When exhaled, the vapor harmlessly evaporates in the surrounding air within seconds.

I have a close Friend that has been doing this for a couple of weeks he has been extremely successful with the product and the program and he swears by it! I think it is a great concept. The compensation plan is good and it is a reputable company thus far. And my friend has never lied to me before and he has never tried to sell me on anything before.I signed up because I have to be on the inside to help others on the out side. It cost me 29.00 to sign up as an affiliate. One time Fee I did not buy an of the product but as an affiliate obviously you get some pretty good discounts. Because I am primarily an online make money person not an outside salesperson. I will be promoting it online, I do see the potential of outside sales as well.

I googled inlife only 149,000 sites which is really GOOD that means the market is not totally saturated by it yet. This is one of those programs where you can focus on selling just the product or recruiting distributor side.

I hope you will take the time to check it out. inLife

My mini website
The short story

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Music Ticket

My Music Ticket launches in 72 hours I wrote a post earlier about My Music ticket if you want more information just google My music Ticket if you want to join just email me @ just put sign up MMT in the subject box. This is a new program so this is not a review it is just information. There are already scammers out there this program has not launched yet it will very soon DO NOT GIVE ANYBODY ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION! NOBODY CAN SIGN UP YET. NOBODY HAS THE WEBSITE INFORMATION YET. If you want to sign up for any level Free or up all you need to do is leave your email address and as soon as it launches the person you sign up with will email you the web link to sign up with if you Everyone will get the same website at the same time.If you want more information let me know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Something new Vinefire

I just got this email it seems like a very cool place check it out and let me know what you think it is free! I don't think this will ever pay out but it is free so give it a whirl! A free plug is a free plug! And if anything it really generates allot of free traffic! And you can plug as often as you want!


Thanks for joining the Vinefire Newsletter and accepting the 10
Day - $1,000 Challenge.

*** The 10 Day - $1,000 Challenge ***

Here's how it works...starting right now you have 10 days to
give away 10 new Vinefire accounts.

We'll add $100 to your account for each person who signs up
through your special link. Ten people at $100 each = $1,000.

Finding people who want to join shouldn't be hard. Creating an
account with Vinefire is quick, easy and doesn't cost a penny.
In fact, each person you refer will start their account with a
$100 balance.

All you have to do is send people to the special link below
and you'll get $100 in your account for each one who creates
an account at Vinefire.

Remember, your friends must join after visiting your personal
referral link for you to get the $100 credit.

Here's your link...


...but hurry, this link is only guaranteed to work for the
next 10 days.

Best Wishes,
The Team at

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Free Home based Income Opportunity This one is a no brainer A MUST DO!

Sorry USA residents only.This brand new totally free I just joined. I honestly have no projections on this but wanted to share the information here because it was 100% Free.
Update: I have read more into the compensation program and the future growth of this company and I have to say it is one of the very best that I have seen the program is so simple and so easy to implement and work it really is a no brainer. If you are just starting to make money online this is a program I will strongly recommend it is 100% FREE to join no up sell no free trial just a great program it officially launches May 1st I contacted the 3rd person down and that is who I signed under so if you sign up you are very high up that upline.
I have vetted this
opportunity for entrepreneurial folks with elementary computer skills
to make money. It works since they never spend any money, just an
investment of time. What holes can you punch in this MLM?

• TOTALLY FREE - no financial investment
• No cost to join
• No monthly inventory to purchase
• No minimum or maximum participation
• No required training, meetings or conventions to attend. There are
training programs for those who wish to grow their business.
• No Gimmicks

How is this possible? Family and Friends Financial has an agreement
with Discover Financial Services to market its credit cards. Discover
Financial Services compensates Family and Friends Financial for every
qualifying credit card approval. Family and Friends Financial, in
turn, compensates its Distributors for all qualifying credit card
approvals. For example; 3 approvals in a month and $197 + $4 - $6
override from the downline is yours. Friends and family that might not
qualify for a credit card can still become a representative on your
unlimited front line, bring in others and earn commissions.

Spend a couple of minutes and visit the attachment or Once you ENROLL FOR FREE, you must take a 12
question multiple choice quiz to prove a basic understanding of the
program and with 9 correct answers you will be issued a Distributor
number and be eligible to earn commissions.

Select a user name, password and your personal web site will be
automatically created.

This is a "no-brainer" since you do not spend a dime and can be
creative with your direct sales program via computer and phone calls
with your organization.

As of today there are ~ 900 representatives and the formal launch is
not planned until May 1.
Family and Friends Free to Join

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What makes more money Adsense or Maxbounty?

Adsense verses MaxBounty and other affiliate programs. I was asked today which one makes more money? There is no easy answer to this because they are so different and every blog-website is different. It is dependent on your traffic and your method of advertising what you are advertising how when where and how much.

Lets start with Adsense pays per click I have seen on my site any where between .01cents -.50cents. My key words are make money online, money making scams, money making reviews and a few others so all my adsense adds are related to my posts if you are using key words your adds will also be relevant to your posts if you blog about anything and everything your adds may not be as targeted as my adsense adds are. In order to make money with adsense you have to have traffic see earlier post. If you have good traffic then you can make money with adsense. If you have little traffic it will probably take you a very long time to make money with adsense.

Maxbounty and clickbank the cool thing about Maxbounty and Clickbank is you choose your adds. Lets say your website is about dogs on Clickbank there is numerous adds to choose from Healthy Food For Dogs: Homemade Recipes this is just one of many so if you write an article or your blog is relevant to this link and someone buys this product you get paid $13.33 better than .01-.50 cents right? Some of the companies pay per click and per sale, all the adds are unique in the payout. So per sale you make more money with Maxbounty and Clickbank.

I use all three on my blog. Which ones make more money honestly it is just to early to tell.Check out some of the links and adds that I have and it will give you a better idea of some of the products both company's have Clickbank adds are in text Maxbounty are banners on my site. With both company's you can do either.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making money online whats the scoop?

Unemployed and looking making money online, increasing your traffic all things every blogger wants to know. So today I am going to give you a few examples of the affiliates I am signed up with.

This is an affiliate link when you click this add I get paid .15 cents if you enter your information I get .80 cents. So please feel free to click and check it out. Now affiliate programs for the most part pay per click .01 and up and pay for sign ups .80 and up some affiliates that you sponsor pay $10 $20 $50 and up depending on what you are selling. The above link is maxbounty there are many many affiliate programs out there max bounty is one of my favs cause there is so much to choose from Affiliate Webmasters... Join and earn the highest CPAs in the market. Our specialty is maximizing payouts to our affiliates.

Click here for details

The key to successful affiliate marketing is traffic the more traffic you have to your website the more likely you will get clicks on your adds. Or you can do what some do and resort to begging people to click on your adds. If you do not want to beg and you want to increase traffic join as many forums as you can and post allot, visit other blogs leave comments join as a follower leave your link do what ever you can to redirect traffic back to your site. The more active you are the better traffic you are going to get read my other posts on places to join to increase your traffic. This blog is just over a month old and I am averaging any where between 50-150 hits a day right now. I am only receiving about 5-10 clicks a day so traffic is key I or you will not make much money on 5-10 clicks a day. you have to be patient when it comes to traffic it does not happen over night. But if you work at it everyday you should see a slight increase in your traffic and clicks.

Write article and create back links to your site! is one of my Favs. You can generate traffic to your site you can make money with your articles and you can learn lots of great things from other Hubs.

I have also posted some tools on here to monitor your traffic they are not affiliate programs they are free to join and they are very resourceful sitemeter located at the very bottom of this page is one of my Favs it lets me know where my traffic is coming from so I know what is working.

Besides searching other money making sites and the internet for other ideas Wealthy Affiliate has been my main source of information it is also an Affiliate program if you sign up with my link I will get paid.I Endorse the product because it works for me. And it has help me tremendously.
Other affiliate sites I have not tried
Maverick Money Makers!
Infinite Income Plan!
The Mini Site Formula ::: $3,000/day Proven Cash System That Works!
Real Money Doubling Forex Robot Fap Turbo!
Get Google Ads Free!!
Infinite Income Plan - Instant Wealth Guide & CDs.!

This is just a very very short list of money maker affiliate programs out there like I said I have not tried any of these I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and it has not made me rich but it has given me tools resources and knowledge that would have taken me months and months to figure out.

As I have posted before. Do not spend any money on any online program unless you have the time and the dedication to commit to it being successful if you are serous about making money online then I would recommend finding a program that is going to give you the tools, the resources and the knowledge to make you successful.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making Money Online Reviews about me

When I first started this blog my intentions were To find out if you could make money online, and if you could, to accomplish that task. As this blog has developed and the more I researched I realized it has developed into a teaching blog. I have read allot of other money making blogs with great ideas. I have also come to realize I have allot to learn. I am on week 6 of Wealthy Affiliate and have not finished week 4 yet. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert in how to make make money online. What I do know I am good at is writing honest reviews of products I have tried and that have worked for me. And as I read questions in posts the most common question is how to increase traffic and make money online. So what I can tell you about my blog is it may not have the most technical information it does not have the best layout but I hope the information that I post about you find as useful as I have found the products to be. I try and post about as many free products as possible I know just starting out the last thing you want to do is lose money before you make money. The products that I do promote I think are worth the money invested in them. I hope you will take the time and check out the links I provide and use them to help make you successful. All of the links if you use them will not cost you anything but will help support me keep supporting you. Good luck Learning to earn extra income online. As always please leave me comments on what is working for you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Traffic and make money online the best of the best.

Can you earn extra income online.In this post I am going to recap what I consider to be the best ways to increase your traffic and make money online that I found and why.
I would like to first start with BlogCatalog Is one of the largest forums I have found online. If you interact with people and you visit other peoples blogs,leave comments and join groups leaving invitations to your blog it is one of the easiest ways to increase your traffic. If you choose your title correctly you can get your blog on google. My title is "Can you earn extra income online." If you google" Can you earn extra income online" on the first page at the very top you will find

Can you earn extra income online Blog - Information, Comments ...
Earn extra income online reviews products I have personally tried and work and programs i tried that I think are scams W… -

So pick a title the is relevant to your blog and you will get traffic from google as well.This is where Wealthy Affiliates key word research tools comes in very handy. Let me make it perfectly clear if you are not active and do not visit other peoples blogs and don't invite people to visit yours you will receive very little traffic you have to work it.

Blog Directory & Search engine

Bloghub is another one of my favorites it again will put you on google same as above you need to be active in the forum to generate interest in your blog and get traffic.

My favorite affiliate program is Maxbounty
Webmasters - EARN CASH
I like the fact you pick what product you want to promote. It is very quick and easy just copy and paste.Per click and per sale is more money then adsense. Approval is quick and easy. Is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blogs and make money too. If you write relevant and interesting Hubs and leave links back to your website you will increase your traffic. when you sign up you will get links to sign up for Ebay,adsense,Amazon and other affiliate programs and you can sign up for free. This is another way to get a link back to your website that will be on google.

Project Payday is one of my favorites because it bar far is the quickest easiest and free way to make money online. You can literally make fast cash online

Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Rich
We will Teach you how to Make Yourself Rich.

Wealthy Affiliate just like the banner says it will TEACH you how to become rich, ok maybe not rich..maybe some day but it will give you the tools and the resources and teach you how to make money online this is not an MLM that shows you how to sell just their product it shows you how to sell any product online. Marketing, niche, keyword search on and on and on it is a valuable research and learning tool.

So these are just my most favorite tools all the tools and programs I post about work but these in my opinion are the quickest easiest and most effective. So if you need some place to start these are the ones I would start with and then join the others.Good Luck
Affiliate Program Directory

My Favorite Inspirational books

If you find this information useful.....Please feel free to donate...Donations are welcome

........THANK YOU..........

How to make money on line

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