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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Make money online with adds.

I wanted to write a quick post about how to make money on your blog the most popular one being Adsense it is quick and it is easy. You get paid when someone clicks on your adds. When you sign up it is quick and easy approval not much flexibility on add content I would be sure to read all the information adsense offers you will learn allot on their forum. And it is all free information that will help you set up.

Don't be shy clicking adds you don't get charged but you do help support the blogger who has posted the adds so if you see something on someones blog that interests you, you should show your support and check it out.

I also have a banner here for Max bounty I like max bounty because you pick what adds you want on your site and what products you want to promote. You can have banners like I have on here or you can do text links as well.

Click bank is another great program and easy sign up. You also pick your product on click bank so you have full control of the adds on your website.
>Clickbank Got o promote product.

Amazon is also a great program and you have full control of your product as well. Easy set up.
If you have not signed up for Hub pages you should you can sign up for other affiliates when you join! They have links directly to affiliate programs you can sign up for and add right there to your hubs. Once you have signed up for free you will then have accounts with the affiliates you can use on any of your blogs or webpages. All of my hubs have a link back to my blog. Doing that increases my traffic to this blog.
When you go to this link you will go to one of my hub pages. Be sure to!and then check out the main hubs to get a good feel of of things.

To join any of these affiliates is free.

If you are looking to make extra income with adds on your web site I would start with these. Adsense is great but the pay out is small you have to have allot of traffic to make any money. The other programs I like better because you get paid more per-click and more per sale. There are many more Affiliate programs out there to sign up for I list these because I personally use them! And you know I don't post about anything I don't personally use or at least tried. And because they are the easiest to get approved for usually within 24-48 hours. They are also the easiest for newbies. Copy and paste.

So with any of these programs when you place the ads on your pages and people click them or buy something you get paid. It is one of the easiest way to make extra income online. If you are interested in learning how to be very successful with affiliate marketing I would again recommend Wealthy affiliate. Just click the BE Someone banner at the top of the page for more information.There is more to making money online then just placing the adds if you do not want to spend the money on a Learning program Like wealthy affiliate I would be sure to do some research on how to maximize your profits with Affiliate programs.I joined Wealthy Affiliate because it teaches you all you need to know it offers the Knowledge ,the support and the tools needed to maximize your profits.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Project Payday Review Does it Really work?

Project Payday Just enter your email to get more free no obligation information

If you surf the web at all, and especially if you have searched for ways to make money online I am sure you have come across a banner similar to the one above or just like it.

I joined project payday several months ago. I researched it a little bit and found some good articles about it and it was free so I decided to try it. I have briefly wrote about it in earlier posts. But I am going to give you more detail about it here.

The program is free to join technically once you actually sign up it will ask you to complete one of the sponsors offers you want to make sure you pick one that says confirms instantly that way you can start making money right away. Basically it is a free trial of one sort or another I did the block Blockbuster one. I canceled it in like two weeks. So you do have to have a credit card to confirm your Free trial you may be billed a couple of dollars for processing or something (some do some don't). When I did the Block Buster one I think I got billed like $1.99 Once you have signed up for your free trial you are in. It is that easy.

If you are not comfortable signing up for free offers like this. This program is not for you. Because that is basically all you do. Why? Because the people sponsoring these promos pay big money and give out very big prizes for X amount of sign ups. Have you ever seen those adds or emails that say sign up 10 people for this credit card and we will pay you 500$ well they really do! So that is what this site does.

Now the people who you are signing up under to complete 1 offer are the ones paying you and the ones making the big money. If they need 10 people to sign up to make 500$ and they pay 10 people 15$ to sign up you make 15$ they make 500$ Following me? I would not recommend starting off at that level until you fully understand the program It would be hard to jump right into and because they pay within 24 hours you have to have the money to pay your people.
I cant remember what the first promo was that I got paid on but total time with it once I figured out how to do it was maybe 20 min time (because when you are new you are slow) They always give you a baby to start and after you have done a few there are some that pay very well for 20 min of time! But my first trade was 15$ and like I said I checked my paypal account and 24 hours it was there.

I did a couple of the sign ups and canceled the ones I did not want within the time period required before being billed the ones I did I got paid within 24 hours, the money was in my paypal account! So it really does work I was actually really surprised. I was very hesitant to sign up with my credit card information. But I have never had any issues with this program at all.

Like I have said before the only reason why I did not keep doing it, is I am way to disorganized to keep track of it. Imagine that six kids a husband and a dog and I am disorganized:). If you keep good records I am telling you there are people making good money on here. The add says 4000$ a month possible. I would say that actually could be done you would be very busy but it could be done. What I like is if you need to make 20$-200$ in a week this one is probably the quickest easiest way I have found to make extra income online.

It looks like since I joined they have improved it and it gives a better explanation
of how it works.
If you work with a mentor you really do have the potential to make 500$- 1000$ extra income online easily with a couple of hours of work a week. More if you put more time into.

The pros pays quick and its very very easy. Cons requires a credit card and you have to be organized.
You will need a paypal account it is also Free you can also get a Donate button here as well. To sign up for pay pal just hit the button bellow paypal for business when you get to the main page just hit personal at the top left.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need more traffic? Make money online too!

Unemployed and looking,make money online, earn extra income online, get paid to blog, I want more traffic, I love to blog, Whatever you are or are looking for these links will help you. I signed up for these and I am absolutely amazed with the results. Try them and come back and leave a comment and let me know what you think!
I have to put one thing on here negative HITS2YOU I found it to be a waste of time it is an affiliate program so somebody gets paid when you do it which I think is fine because I believe you should give credit were credit is do. If you are on someone web site and you learn something you did not know about they should get get credit! Even if it is great comment! But HIT2YOU is a waste of time in my opinion.

At the end of ever post I have added if it is free or not so you know before you get started there are no hidden fees if I say it is 100% it will be now some of them do sell adds but if it says free you do not need to buy any adds to make money or to enter or post articles or to join and if you are new I would not recommend buying ANY advertising at all.

Blog catalog is one of my favorites. First because it was free and second when I googled the title of my post. I am on the first page of a google search If you want more traffic do this first. Be active join groups add friends add always leave your link! Visit other peoples blogs and invite them to yours! This is 100% free

Internet Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

Bloggerbase is supper cool especially for you very talented writers you get paid for your post you enter contest 40$ for first place and 10$ for second place not to shabby!!100% free to join Talented writers sign up for this one! This is 100% Free

Join BloggersBase

Blogsvertise get paid to write reviews submit your blog advertise all FREE.
Submit your blog write reviews get paid 100% Free


I also like today it pays you to blog. And I google my title on this one and it was on the second page of google. This one is the hardest because you actually have to build a blog but it pays.100% Free

Click Here to Advertise on My Blog

Bloghub, suprememarketing, freewebsubmission and blog listing, submit your blog on here for free to increase your traffic. These ones are the easiest to do just submit your blogs and increase your traffic. 100%Free

Blog Directory & Search engine - The internets fastest growing blog directory
Supreme Marketing Free Link Directory

Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!

Squidoo and hubpages you post articles and can set up affiliate programs on them to earn extra income online. When you click the hub pages link it takes you to one of my hubs its not the best so encourage you to look around a bit there is a hub "how to build a hub" that will help you get started. These ones are fun you write articles about anything you want it can be related to your blog and you can leave your link to increase your traffic or you can just post articles and earn extra income with the affiliate programs they offer this one is 100% Free

Make sure to always on anything you post anywhere to put a link back to the blog you want to increase your traffic on. Make sure to always join groups invite people to your blog leave comments introduce yourself!Leave your link! The more active you are and the more people see your link pop up the more people will come and check you out! If you do nothing you will get nothing. The more articles you write and the more groups you join and the more back links to your blog you have the more traffic you will get! So get out there and meet some people! Good luck and please leave me a comment about how they are working for you. Unemployed and looking.

One more thing for those of you who are really seriously want to make Extra income online I STRONGLY recommend Wealthy affiliate I am almost into week 5 of the 8 week program and I have learned so much on there! It is not free. You are basically paying for an education. It is only 39$ a month to join no long term commitment. But the information and tools they are are worth every penny. But it is like going to school you have to learn and take the time to put the program into place so it is as useful as you make it to be. If you just want traffic and just want to generate income from just your blog or money is not an issue at all then just follow the other recommendations I have made. If you want to really build an internet business and want the knowledge to do it I would start here. This one is not Free

Are you a Wealthy Affiliate yet?
Learn how to Make Money Online from two Successful internet marketers who are willing to share their secrets.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this site! And leaving the awesome comments and joining me as followers. I truly hope I have helped you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review: Something new!!

Inside scoop this is a pre-launch. I came across this today There is a number to call to get more information and a website to view. I found it very interesting. Email me for more information if it is something you would like more information about it is invitation only right now. Launches first week of April. This one I think is cool and worth trying.I cant really write a review because it has not launched yet. But all the information I have received is pretty exciting. I will keep you posted! Let me know if you want to give it a whirl no guarantees on this one could be Outstanding or over rated. But I thought it was worth a try. You know if I did not think it was worthy I would not post it on here :).
Email me and I will email you the phone number and website. Ever wish you could get in on something before it explodes? This may be it, you just never know sometimes.........

Social Networking time to get paid
This is the short version just the basics and start up costs.

Would you like to earn income every time someone just looks at your website even if they did not buy any of your products or join your business opportunity?
Experts are telling us that this will be bigger than Myspace, Facebook and Youtube!

3 x 10 Matrix.
Fast Start Bonus.
Monthly Residual Income.
Social networking time to get paid
Company Profit Sharing Pool.
Page View Revenue Sharing Pool.
Matching Bonus on page views 5 levels deep.
Matching Bonus on company profit sharing pools 5 levels deep.
3 additional pools Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Very Affordable - 3 levels to get started FREE member, paid member $19.99 & pro member $59.99.

Get Paid on the new Gigantic Social Networking Portal - MMT!!
IMAGINE a Portal like MySpace or Facebook where you can promote Your Opportunity with 40 pages instead of ONE

When people visit your pages in MMT - You´ll get Paid!
Every time you chat with others You´ll get Paid!
Send a message to another person and You´ll get Paid!
Play music from a database of 250,000 songs and You´ll get Paid!
Create a free email address and Get Paid each time you send
or receive emails!
Play free GAMES and Get Paid!
Create a blog and Get Paid!
Write a few words on a BLOG and Get Paid!
Every time visitors watch a video on one of your 40 pages
You´ll get Paid!
.... also when you add videos on YouTube and other channels
You'll Get Paid!
Each time visitors are listening to music on your page You´ll get Paid!
If you're a musician you can add songs on your page and You'll Get Paid
each time visitors listen to your songs.
There are MANY, MANY other ways to GET PAID and have FUN!

I got some really good advice from someone this morning about not jeopardizing my credibility because this new program, because it is new it can fail. So I want to make this crystal clear. This is a program that is new. I am not endorsing it. Like I have posted on here before any time you spend money online to make money you are gambling, nothing you spend money online with is a sure thing I do guarantee you that.

Make money online scams

Money Making scams ok I don't like to be a negative person but I have to post about some of the programs I have been checking out today. I kinda feel bad because I actually have not tried these programs but I just have this very strong urge to bash them! So the first one Morecash123 So this site shows you piles of money And it offers 1000$,s of dollars up to 31,000. a day!!!! pretty nice, very impressive don,t ya think. You get this cash in the mail daily doing NOTHING just open the envelope and there would be cash! Everyday people just mailing you cash. So it asks for an email address and a name. Out of morbid curiosity I just had to do it. Wowzy!!! You only have to sign up and invest 500$ up to 3000$ honestly this whole website and pitch was soooo crazy I had to show my fam and laugh. Maybe it works I don't know honestly because I could not quit laughing long enough to take it seriously.

The next one I cant even remember the name of it and I tried to find it again and couldn't but when I do I will list it here again. this kinda of scam I have seen over and over again first it shows you all of the hype how to make money online promising thousands of dollars a month all the success stories of real people and it is totally free to join. It stresses it is totally free to join over and over again. A real money making opportunity that is 100% free. I love checking out new free stuff what the heck right? Honestly I have wasted so much time reading about this and that only to find out, um no it is not Free. At the Free level you can not earn income. I found this one on someones profile they pushed it because it was free. That makes me sooo angry If there is a cost you should let people know period.

OK I am done for now I think I am going to start a list of all the programs that are all hype about being free and then slam you after you have spent valuable time reading it only to find you have to pay a fee. I have programs on here that have a fee but I will tell you it has a fee. Miss representation is a cheap trick.

The programs and posts I love are the copy and paste programs. You know who ever is posting them are just praying some sucker will come along and click on them no effort what so ever just copy and paste. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is big money maker almost every single get rich program or money making program, mlm out there is making money for somebody. The deal is some work some do not! Not all affiliate marketing programs are scams by no stretch of the imagination but you do have to do your due diligence. Some are 100% scams. I am signed up with 6 different affiliate programs or pay per click programs. I only promote what I believe in and what I am a member of and programs that actually work for me. If I cant provide actually testimony on the products I wont promote it. I have access to allot of money making programs I can promote and some of the programs pay very very well that's why people promote them! I love it when someone emails me about an affiliate program I always email them back and ask them how it is working for them if I don't get an email back I know, that well huh? Most are set up on auto responder so you never get a response from a real person. I am not saying these are all scams I personally have signed up for some great programs that are affiliate programs I am just saying be careful out there! Now the advertisements in my pay per clicks that are on my site I know nothing about them but you are invited to check them out and let me know what you think!!!

Sorry for my little rant. But in today's economy who isn't looking for a way to get rich over night? But to do it at the expense of others with misrepresentation, over promising and under delivering and giving false hope and false promises and taking peoples money on a pipe dream makes me angry.

I have been getting a few comments if anyone out there would like to leave me a comment about a program that is working for them or one that has scammed them please let us all know.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Get more traffic Comments

Because I moved this topic to the top of the page the comments did not move with it? I am sure there is a way to do it I just don't know how. So here are the comments to Get more traffic and earn extra income online!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review: Earn extra income bloggers

This is going to be short and sweet here are some sites that I have tried totally 100% free to join and you get paid to blog. If you have one that you use please let me know so I can check it out and post it as well. These site will either pay for posts or pay you for traffic on your posts pretty good for FREE So weather you are unemployed and looking for extra income online, or just want more traffic and enjoy writing be Sure to check them out. Free ways to make money online.

Make money writing article
These sites you can post articles and sell affiliate products right there on your articles and create some back links to you original blog to get more traffic.


This is just a short list there will be more to come. I am signed up with these and there is no fee at all so all you creative writers get busy!I will post more later....

I also will strongly recommend you sign up for Bloggers base and Blogcatalog both links are at the top right of this page I have had great success with both of them and I just joined! I promise it is totally free and is worth any time you put into it. Good Luck!

Here is a really cool resource tool I just found
Web Promotion Tools
All free very useful

Multiple Google Page Rank
Query multiple Google Page Rank data centers
Local Business Advertising
Check for broken links
Find out out how popular your site is.
Meta Tags
Get help adding Meta Tags to your site.
Analyze your webpages for keyword density.
Hides both affiliate and tracking links and lets you specify what you would like to be displayed in the status bar via a mouse over.
The new leased ToolbarBrowser is a complete Toolbar Authoring and Management tool.
Expert Search Engine Optimization

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review :Make money while you sleep

What I have found very interesting in my search of can you earn extra income online is how many opportunities are out there. I guess because the state of the economy everyone is looking to earn extra income online. Most of what you find will promise Great success and will make you rich over night. One I found claimed to be totally FREE 22 streams of income! So when you sign up it is free and then you get into it a little further..... Well to qualify for like 6 streams of income you have to sign up for this or that its only 10$ a month but if you don't do it you miss out on the best of the streams of income. Anybody that I have seen signed up with this program is a copy and paste same thing over and over Starts like this .
"I use The ------Web Marketing System to expand my network because it works wider, faster, and more effectively than any other system.
As I’m sure you have, I quickly discovered that finding leads is difficult. Finding interested leads can sometimes seem just about impossible."
Only the persons name has changed I joined it long ago and honestly did not make a single 1$ now maybe there are people who are making money at it I don't know I personally thought it was a complete waste of time. But this I can be sure of at 10$ a whack somebody somewhere is making allot of money!
Th e reason I am writing about this is because there are allot of programs out there that you sign up for that claim to be free and make you money,with all the hype they sound promising, but somewhere down the line will cost you money or will not generate any extra income online at all.So basically it is a complete waste of your time. I email one person here a few days about it and asked them how they were doing with it they auto responded and said it works if you sign up 3900 people under you, and make 1$ a person that is 3900$ a month. So I told them that is GREAT do you have 3900 people under you? No response. In my opinion this kind of making extra income online is very difficult the only person making money are the people above you. You are basically building your down line to make other people money.

If I put a review on here that something is FREE it will be Free there are ways to make extra income online some are kinda easy some like anything else require you to put some effort into them.
What makes my Can you make extra income online unique? There are so many money online websites out there. I know from personal experience who doesn't want to make money while they sleep? Or be rich over night!In this economy I think many people want to believe it can happen and or are desperate for it to happen it is very easy to get sucked in and spend a little here and a little there. You have to take risks to be successful right? I will have to say yes and no. If you spend money spend it wisely. There are free ways you can earn extra income online and while you sleep. But you cannot just sign up for a program and then the next morning be rich. If you know of one please let me all of us know. I will only post honest reviews of what I have actually tried if there is something that you have tried and it honestly works leave me a comment I will check it out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can You Earn Extra Income Online YES

Just wanted to do a quick recap of what I have found out in the last couple of weeks.
First lets start with Project Payday! I did project payday for a while and I did make money doing. And I got payed very quickly within 24 hours I had money in my paypal account. Like I said before I am just to unorganized to keep track of the promos. But if you are looking for some free cash, because it is free to join I would check it out there are a lot of people who earn extra income online doing it. You have to sign up for a free trial I did the Block buster one and then canceled that is why it was free to join.
If you are unemployed and looking, or just want to make fast money online this one is easy.

then we have Wealthy Affiliate! I am going to be starting week 4 this week. The information I have found and the things I have learn, the resources the tools in my opinion are priceless it has shown me avenues and how tos that would of taken months to find and figure out. So if you are serous about earning extra income online I would absolutely make the small investment and sign up it will save you very valuable time and allot of hair pulling.

One thing I found on Wealthy Affiliate is Hubpages. Make money writing! if you enjoy writing about anything at all this is one of my favorites sites because it is totally free. There is no catch at all any where. You set up Affiliate links right there when you write your article it is so so easy my 13 year old could do it!

Direct Matches I have been with Direct Matches for probably close to a year. It is where like minded business people meet. Kinda like My space for business people. You can promote your Business, web site, affiliate program or just get Ideas on how to earn extra income online. It is also free to join. You can upgrade to an Executive and make extra income online as well.Check it out it is Free!. You can join for Free and I recommend the Free sign up once you have checked it out and like it and want to get really involved you have to upgrade your membership.

It has been a very week for me. I have learned so much and have meet some really great people online. I hope these links will help you be successful earning extra income online.Making money online, unemployed and looking.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Extra income online FREE

Can you earn extra income online? I found a couple of really cool sites in the last couple of days.The first one I was told about in The wealthy affiliate program it is called Hubpages. If you enjoy writing reviews about products movies or just about anything you can post your articles here and sign up for affiliate programs like ad sense and amazon and generate extra income online very very easily. It is absolutely the easiest way that I have found to earn extra income online.Check it out here.
Make money writing! It is 100% free to join. I have only posted a couple of articles myself, I am very impressed how easy it is to set up. If you are clueless on where to start earning extra income online and do not want to spend any money I would start with the link I provided here and just read some of the bubs on there. There are some really good articles on how to write a hub and how to generate extra income writing hubs all FREE you gotta love that! Check it out now!!

The other site I actually have been a member for a long time I just recently have gotten more active. And I think out of the different networking sites it is one of the best. It is also free to join. You can take a free tour here Click here!. This is a great site if you are already part of an Affiliate program and want to promote it or if you are looking for other ways to generate extra income online.I have met a couple of really cool people on there. It is by invitation only so you can go to the link and window shop but you have to be invited to join. You can email me at for more information or you can comment on here as well.

Click Here

So again these are both totally free and both can help you start earning extra income online.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Review: Wealthy Affiliate What is it?

Wow I have learned so much this week on Wealthy Affiliate. I have also been reading some posts online about people trying to find a way to make money online. And how everything is a scam. Well if that's what you think you are right and you are wrong.There are so many get rich quick scams out there it is crazy. If that is what you are looking for Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. Allot of these programs you sign up for and that person gets paid and then you sell it to other people and then you get paid and when they sign someone up they and you get paid. And then some where it all stops and then YOU need to sell more people. But you are only selling their get rich program. "Can you Earn extra income online?"

I am going to keep this quick and real Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to sell Multiple products from multiple companies. And how to do it successfully. This web site I started when I was looking for a way to make money online. So that is why I promote Wealthy Affiliate on it. Because I believe in the product. It is not the only product I promote. But I promote it because First it has truly helped me and if I can help someone else help themselves and save the aggravation I went through all the better!Unemployed and looking.

If you want to get rich over night and want to put nothing into it Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. If you have lots of time to search and read and want to make a little money here or there and have lots of time to waste then don't spend the 39$ for Wealthy Affiliate you can probably figure it out and maybe make some money somewhere. As a wealthy affiliate insider my review is it is worth the small investment.

If you are looking for someone to teach you how to be successful and give you a resource for all the tools you need, and how to use them, and a wide product line, and one on one support on how to be successful and you have the determination to just do it. The 39$ is worth every penny! Really "Can you earn extra income online"

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Biggest Loser message

One of my favorite shows is The Biggest Loser. Now how does this relate to making extra Believe it or not I believe it does! I have been watching the biggest loser since it started my family makes fun of me because I don't even weigh 100lbs soaking wet :)So why I do I watch it, I don't watch it because I need to lose weight or I need motivation to lose weight. I watch it because the message this show sends Is absolutely inspiring ! Truly why are these people on this show? To lose weight of course right. All of them have tried it on their own and have been unsuccessful. Maybe for the prize money? Well what ever their genuine reason is how are they going to accomplish what they have set forth to do?

Their tool box: They have to have the right tools. What is in their tool box? The gym and their trainers and their doctors. The gym gives them the equipment they need to get their butts off the sofa and on the treadmill, their trainers, without the trainers they do not know how to effectively use the gym.The doctors help them do it the healthy way and the benefits it will give them. If you have tools in your tool belt but you don't know how to use them correctly what good are they?

Attitude: Well first off they have to have the right attitude to start. Without determination, ambition and personal drive they will fail very quickly. With anything in life if you do not have a good attitude you will not get far. If you think you will fail you will. If you think it cant be done it wont be. If you think your not good enough you will be. It is all in attitude. With the right attitude you can do any thing.

Support: Who is their support.If you want to Accomplishing something you have tried to do many times and continue failing. You have to have a good support system. Support and encouragement from your your support system is key. It is what will help give you that I CAN DO IT ATTITUDE! It gets tough sometimes and even if you have the right attitude to start you may start to fade and need to be re energized and the best way to that is with the support and encouragement of your support system.

The Product: What is their product? Themselves technically they are selling themselves to themselves are they worth it? They have to sell to themselves that they are worth it worth the work, worth the sweat and worth pain.That they can accomplish their Dreams of being healthy and thin and full of energy. That they themselves are worth being what they want to be and what they dream of.

I you do not have the Support the right tools, the right attitude and the right product you will ultimately fail.You have to have all of it and I have found every thing you need to be successful making extra income online in one place Wealthy Affiliate. Need some inspiration? Read and watch other people become successful and then do something for yourself. Have a GREAT weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first profit using what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate

So I have been working really hard the last couple of days following and learning on Wealthy Affiliate. Yesterday when the husband came home form work I took a break. Now you need to understand being unemployed I have been treating this Affiliate Marketing thing as a full time job. So I have been on the computer allot. My family being my biggest skeptics. Every day since I started they come home and say "have you made any money yet?" I have been working with 4 different affiliate programs that I am promoting.

So Guess what ..... Yesterday afternoon after my break with the hubby I checked my accounts and CHA-CHING my first profit!!! WOW what an awesome thing as I showed the family one by one the screen online that says how much I made for the different affiliate programs their eyes popped and their mouths dropped and then they said " OH MY GOSH YOU REALLY DID IT!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!THAT IS SO COOL!!!:)

I have received some email with the question What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a program that will Show you......
* How You will learn EXACTLY how to earn a steady income online, and we'll show you (step-by-step) how this is done
* You get the EXACT training that our members who earn $1000+ per day received (and still utilize)
* You are provided with learning resources to walk you through all of our HOT marketing techniques
* We provide you with tools to uncover niche keywords, audiences, and sales angles that sell like crazy
* You will be working along side literally thousands of marketers who are willing to share their secrets with you
* We will hold your hand and teach you how to get started (YES, we offer personal support and coaching)
* You'll learn that you DO NOT need money to make money, our free techniques will earn you $1000's per month

I must tell you if you are looking to get rich over night-sit on you butt and just wait for the money to start rolling in- or you want a lazy way out THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!! It takes work to set it up REALLY

If you are looking for something to Teach you HOW TO EARN EXTRA INCOME ONLINE with a little bit a work and determination but don't have allot of money to spend? Then for the 39$ it costs to sign up YOU NEED TO JUST DO IT!!!! All the tools and resources you need are right here.

I have been looking for months for extra income online and I have been playing around for months with this and that I have seen e-books, programs, promos so I have tried this and that and nothing! I read about Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago and then just a couple of days ago I found a blog in this blog there was a post from a guy named Alex. (Alex has been very helpful and I really need to give him kudos for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate.) I followed him back to his site and read more about Wealthy Affiliate I still did not sign up.... And then after thinking about it a Bit I thought, nothing I have been doing is working and my family is starting to think I am crazy and I need to get a real job. So I just did it what do I have to lose 39$ bucks? I can quit after one month and lose 39$ I decided it was worth the gamble in my opinion any time you spend money online to make extra money online that is exactly what it is a gamble.

I have followed exactly what Wealthy affiliate has taught me. I am signed up with 4 different affiliate programs that Wealthy Affiliate recommended and 4 days later I have for the first time actually MADE EXTRA MONEY ONLINE. And I am only in week 1 of the 8 week course! Show me the MONEY!

So the nuts and bolts of it all if you have 39$ to spare and you are eager to learn and the determination to be successful making extra money online. It will be a VERY WELL INVESTED 39$ Click the BE SOMEONE BUTTON AT THE TOP THE PAGE AND JUST DO IT!!
"Can you earn extra income online?"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So what is Wealthy Affiliate?

I am putting this information on here it is directly from one of the promo pages but the information is good and accurate and says it better then I can being new and all. If you have questions but don't. want to leave a post please email me at I am a Wealthy Affiliate Insider. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate going to propel your online success. There is NO program, service, e-book,how to make extra income online tool or product anywhere online that is similar to Wealthy Affiliate. Regardless of your experience level, we will teach you how to improve your current financial situation. Whether you are looking to earn an extra $500 a month or an extra $15,000 per month, our system provides you with a blueprint of how to succeed in making money online. Here is a taste of what you can expect from becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

* You will learn EXACTLY how to earn a steady income online, and we'll show you (step-by-step) how this is done
* You get the EXACT training that our members who earn $1000+ per day received (and still utilize)
* You are provided with learning resources to walk you through all of our HOT marketing techniques
* We provide you with tools to uncover niche keywords, audiences, and sales angles that sell like crazy
* You will be working along side literally thousands of marketers who are willing to share their secrets with you
* We will hold your hand and teach you how to get started (YES, we offer personal support and coaching)

* You'll learn that you DO NOT need money to make money, our free techniques will earn you $1000's per month

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Finally Something I believe in"

So my eyes are going cross eyed I have been learning so much on Wealthy Affiliate University. And how to make extra income online. I would like to tell you about something I just learned to do. For those of you who have half a clue how to do this stuff it will more then likely make you laugh but for me the newbie I am feeling very successful right now! :) So I do have other sites that I have dabbled with no matter what I tried I could not find my sites on google :( Yesterday I found out why and how to get me on Google. Soooooo guess what today I found ME I googled "finally something I believe in" in " " and Yippy there I was! Ok so maybe I am not on the first page of google (yet) but I can google just about anything from my other web pages and NOTHING! The only reason I knew how to do this is because of Wealthy Affiliates. Now I know this just the beginning! And boy do I have allot to learn still. But I am positive that with Wealthy Affiliates I will be successful! And I will be making extra income online.
If you are not ready or convinced that wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program even though you are hearing it here form a Wealthy Affiliate insider. that is Ok It took me a while to take the plunge like I said in my earlier posts money is to say the least is scarce. But please do me a favor because it is an affiliate program when you ARE ready please sign in with the link at the top of the page that says BE SOMEONE. And feel free to contact me A wealthy Affiliate insider as well I don't know allot but I will try and answer any questions you may have! Good luck making extra income online. If you are unemployed and looking or want to make money online or earn extra income online, I hope you enjoy this information and reviews. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am Still a believer Wealthy Affiliate

After being a part of wealthy affiliate now for a couple of days my opinion remains the same. Wealthy affiliate is jam packed with so much information how- when -why -were for a newbie like me :) it is very easy to understand. It basically shows you step by step how to make extra income online. The Wealthy affiliate insiders are so helpful. There are also many features for someone with more experience. The tools you have access on here that you usually have to pay to access are AWESOME. If your a newbie like me check out the link on the top of the page that says BE SOMEONE I learned to do that on this web site! Cool huh! maybe not for some one who is experienced but for me obviously I am marketing and technology challenged. But now I am a Wealthy Affiliate insider!
I really wish I would have found this long ago.I would have already been making extra income online. It is not a get rich quick or get rich overnight scam. It takes work and knowledge I have always believed knowledge is power and with Wealthy Affiliate I truly believe it will give me the power to be successful please check it out. You can sign-up with any of the links I have provided or just follow along and catch up later.
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